Sunday, 18 July 2010

Port Sunlight Memorial

This memorial, erected by ‘his fellow workers, is dedicated to  William Hesketh First Viscount Leverhulme, founder of Lever Brothers Ltd and of Port Sunlight.

It stands outside the Lady Lever art Gallery in Port Sunlight. For most of his life Dad worked for Lever Brothers or various associated shipping companies.

The wording on the column reads “The figures at the base of the memorial symbolise the three great interests in Viscount Leverhulme’s life; industry, education and charity – in its widest meaning.”

In fact there are four figures – the fourth obviously symbolising his other great interest – art. I wonder if it was added as an afterthought or if the stonemason who inscribed the column was given the wrong instructions?

The figure at the top of the column represents inspiration – the foundation of all human progress.

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