Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Heswall – The Green Hut

This was a holiday home on Heswall shore in an area known as The looms at the bottom of Banks Road – in a lane opposite what is now the car park. The Council tried to have these huts demolished in 1939 but the Ministry of health decided they were fit for use as holiday homes.  Which is how we came to use them.  These photos are from around 1947 but we also had a holiuday there in my lifetime.

We knew it as the Green Hut and pictured here are Mum, GB, Nana and Grandpa.

I’m not sure who the other boy is that is playing with GB or who appears on these other photos – including one with Dad, Mum, Aunty Maude and Grandpa.

In the foreground of this photo are Mum’s office colleague Joney and the unidentified boy.

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  1. I think that the unidentified boy is Michael. Aunty Joney (Renée Jones) lived with Zoe (her mother?) and Michael lived with them. I used to stay with them in Wallasey quite a bit because Aunty Joney was my Godmother. I think I was told that Michael was Zoe's son. In that case the relationships don't stack up. I thought when you first asked more would come back to me but so far it hasn't. I do remember Michael going to University in the South. Cambridge rings a bell. I rmember that he used to hitch hike home and regarded it as doing the driver a favour in that he could have intelligent conversation. Odd the things one recalls.