Thursday, 5 November 2009

Arrowe Hall - Wirral

In 1807, Liverpool shipowner and slave trader John Shaw bought Arrowe House Farm and the surrounding land. On his death in 1829 it came into the ownership of his nephew, John Ralph Nicholson Shaw, who built Arrowe Hall, a Grade II listed mansion built in the Elizabethan style, in 1835 and had the grounds landscaped to form a country estate, with parkland, a lake and workers' cottages.

The Hall was extended on several occasions in the later 19th century. The property was handed down to Captain Otho Shaw, a world traveller and collector, who housed numerous items there. Arrowe Hall and Park were acquired by Lord Leverhulme in 1908, who subsequently sold the estate to Birkenhead Corporation in 1926. The building was sold by the local council in 1997 and now houses a private care centre.

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  1. The lady I worked with said they were constantly calling the police as the noises were that bad, she also said knives would be lying out on top of kitchen worktops when the doors were locked??? Lights would spin in circles and when staff were sitting on the upper floor in the hall they would reguarly hear something being dragged on the bottom floor :-s